Preschool Age

Preschool (3 yrs old – 4 yrs old):

The characteristics of this age group are that they want feel independent and “in control”. This is a critical time for children to develop independence in social, emotional and physical behavior. We offer the children choices whenever possible while introducing social guidelines for group participation. At this stage, the children are very interested in participating in small group activities and fantasy play as they develop a strong sense of self.

Sharing and developing good social skills are an important part of their daily experiences. Some of the skills and concepts covered are:

Social: Work and play in small groups, Encourage parallel play, Encourage sharing

Language: Teaching colors, shapes, Counting and number recognition, Days of the week, Recognize their written name, Writing their own name, Writing in complete sentences

Cognitive: Teaching them to see other people’s point of view, Encourage creativity through art experiences and play, Accept and follow direction, Can problem solve if they are simple, Encourage curiosity, Exposure to new vocabulary

Basic Skills: Continue to work on self help skills (hand washing, eating, toileting, and dressing). Potty training, Sit and eat meal without getting up, Encourage them to use their words when they want or need something, and Encourage each child to return toys and materials