1. How do I contact someone regarding Life Givers Child Care?
Phone: (252) 446-4776
Address: 119 W. Ridge St.
Rocky Mount, NC 27804
Email: info@lifegiverscc.com 

Please feel free to call or email us at any time with questions or concerns.

2.  Is Life Givers Child Care licensed to care for children?
Yes. Our current license is displayed in the daycare. The State of North Carolina is who distributes and monitors daycare licensing.

3. Do I have to schedule an appointment to visit the center?
Parents of enrolled children are welcome to come and visit or pick up their child at their discretion. We prefer you give us notice if possible, in case we have something planned that your child would miss or be interrupted in.
Prospective parents should call first to schedule an appointment. This way you can be sure that someone will be available to talk with you and show you around the center.

4. What ages does Life Givers Child Care serve?

We serve children 6 weeks to 12 years old. For more information about our childcare programs click here.

5. It is known that Life Givers Child Care accept private parents, however do you accept subsidized children?
Yes we do. 

6. Do you offer drop-in care?

Parents sometimes call and inquire about the availability of child care for a day or a short period of time (i.e. two weeks). We do offer this type of child care. Parents can call for more information.

7. How do I enroll my child?
Enrollment needs to be completed in person by setting an appointment with the Director.  A non-refundable enrollment fee of $35 is required to process each application.

8. Can my child bring their favorite toy to daycare?
Life Givers Child Care asks that parents do not send toys with their child unless it has been otherwise specified by the Director. We would hate it if the toy got lost or broken!

9. How far in advance do I need to notify the daycare that my child will be leaving?
A 10-day written notice is required; please request this form from the Director.

10. How Do I Schedule a Tour?
We want to ensure that everyone and everything is safe and secure at a minimum inconvenience to you. All exterior doors are locked during business hours. All visitors are to be escorted by authorized personnel to ensure proper client confidentiality. Visitors are not allowed to roam the premises unattended. Visitors may tour the program during operating hours. Parents are encouraged to visit the facility prior to enrollment, talk with staff, and observe classroom activities. Drop-ins are welcome.

 11. What is considered full time and part time care?
Full time care is considered as five days per week in which your child attends for 4 hours or more per day. Thus the fees charged will be the full day rate at the current fee.
Part time care is considered as five days or less per week in which your child attends less than 4 hours per day. Thus the fees charged will be the part time rate at the current fee.

12. If parents are not able to pick up their child, can they send a friend or family member?
Yes, as long as the friend or family member is listed on the application form and that person has a valid photo ID.

13. Will Life Givers Child Care administer medicine to my child?
No, we will not administer medicine.  If your child needs to take certain medicine(s), parents (or whomever the parent send) are to come and administer medicine. There will be a form that has to be filled out as well.

14. Does the daycare provide meals?
Yes, we provide breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. On occasion, parents may offer to bring in a special snack for their child’s birthday or holiday, but other than that, we provide all food and drinks daily.

15. Parents’ Responsibilities: 
A) Please label your child’s name on all their belongings, especially their coats and jackets.
B) Please check your child’s bags to make sure they have two extra set of clothing (tops, pants, under garments, and socks) to change.

16. I have an infant, do I need to bring baby formula and baby food for my child in the daycare?
Yes, you need to bring formula and pureed food for your child. Bottles and caps must be labeled with the infant’s name. If the infant does not finish a bottle, it will be discarded after one hour. In order to reduce waste, we recommend a larger quantity of smaller bottles.

 17. Do I need to bring diapers and wipes for my child?
Yes, please bring a package of diapers and wipes.  We will let you know when the diapers/pull ups/wipes are running low.

18. My Child is almost potty trained.  Can I send her/him to school in underwear?
Due to sanitary reasons, we required your child to be in pull ups until we see that your child is fully potty trained at day care. Sometimes a child is fully “potty trained” at home but not at day care.

19.  Do parents have to pay fees for days that their child does not attend due to illness or vacation?
Yes, fees are paid during all absences; once a space is confirmed, it is payable whether the child attends or not.

20.  Do you offer “family rates”?
No, we are unable to provide this system. Fees are on a “per child” basis.

21. What are your tuition rates and how often will I be billed?
Our current rates are available by calling or visiting the office. Payments are due Monday morning for that week of service. Other billing arrangements can be made at a parent’s request (i.e. monthly tuition paid by the 1st of each month).

22. Is there a fee for late pick up?
Yes it’s a $1 per minute per child after your arrival time. The late fee will be added to your bill. Our intention for implementing a late fee is not to make money; the goal is for you to pick up your child on time.

23. Is there free reductions for holidays, breaks, and missed days?
The monthly fee is not adjusted for holidays, breaks, and school days missed by students.

24.  Are receipts provided?
Yes, we issue receipts for each individual payment made. It’s important to keep all your receipts in a safe place at home because NO duplicate receipts will be issued in the event that receipts get lost.

25. Are there additional costs for childcare?
There may be additional costs when we go for field trips or outings.

26. There are wintry conditions outside. Is daycare still open?
Before leaving your house during a weather alert (i.e. icy/snowy morning), please call the daycare telephone to confirm that daycare is open. Delays or closings will be posted on the daycare’s voicemail by 6:00a.m. and updated hourly. You may also check ABC 11News for delays or closings.

27. I have a question you haven’t answered.
Feel free to email us at info@lifegiverscc.com or call us (252) 446-4776.